5 Random Facts About Luke (6 months)

27 Jun

1) Little stinker’s feet are in constant motion.  My favorite example of this comes during dinner time when he is strapped into his high chair.  While eating, his feet are constantly kicking, swinging, circling, toe tapping and more.  This is a trait he comes by genetically – with a Daddy who needs to always be in a rocking chair and a Gigi who loves rubbing her feet together while relaxing at night.

2) He sits like a champ and now gets angry when he is stuck on his back/belly.  He’ll still tip backwards when something super exciting catches his eye — specifically Tali the dog or his laughing monkey toy.

3) Speaking of excited, Luke is super jazzed when his bottle enters his scope of vision.  When we begin shaking up the bottle, you can almost countdown to grunting, wild hand gesticulating and grabbing.  If you hand him the bottle at this point, he jams the entire thing in his mouth – regardless of the fact that the cap is still on. You can almost feel the words “mine, mine, mine, give it to me now” radiating from him – of course, the fact that I say those phrases over and over again can only mean they will be his first words.  I’m working on phasing that out.

4) He has officially transitioned from cooing to babbling.  We hear a lot of “babababa” and “dadadada” and “agooo agooo agooo.” He typically reserves the “dadadada” for when he is upset and delivers it in a pathetic, slow “daaaa daaaa daaaa” chant.  I like to remind Tim that he is calling him – especially when we hear the babble whine at 4 o’clock in the morning.

5) Luke’s enjoyment of the jumperoo extends far behind his time in the contraption.  Whenever someone is holding him in a “standing” position, he immediately bends his knees and begins jumping away.  We are all each merely a new model of jumperoo for him.


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