Monthly Photos

17 Jun

I’m so, so glad that we decided to take the monthly photos.  Obviously, we are always taking pictures of Luke and trying to capture his personality and growth, but there is something special about memorializing each month’s development in the same place and with the same props.

But, every single month, it becomes more and more challenging to get a great shot.  Little mister has so much personality and chutzpah, he doesn’t want to hold still and smile.  The giant monkey comes out for monthly photos and then returns to its place on top of his bookshelf.  When the big monkey makes an appearance, we are suddenly much too enraptured with its presence to smile for the camera… truly, much too interested in biting the monkey than even looking at the camera.

Here are some bloopers from this month’s shoot!

Notice that I’ve sat him down as far from the monkey as the glider will allow.  This photos is taken about two seconds after plopping him in the chair.  He barely knows he is within reach of the giant monkey.  Within seconds…

We’ve grabbed the monkey’s face and chest.  Notice the grip he’s got on him.  Notice the mischievous look in his eye. Notice Mama running for the hills in anticipation of this baby becoming more mobile.

And, with our fierce grip, we then realize that we can use our feet for leverage and push our body into backwards plank position.  This allows us to make better eye contact with monkey and cause Mama heart palpitations that we are moments away from flipping our body over the arm rest and onto the floor.

One more set…  Here’s the final picture we ended up using to mark this month:

It was the very first photo from that morning.  I imagine he’s thinking “hey, how’d I end up here, Mama was just holding me.  This is sweet, I’m touching something super soft and sitting all on my own.”  Then…

Without even moving his right hand, note that he’s pulled monkey into his lap and increased the delighted expression on his face tenfold.  Quickly, we transition from this to…

… the picture that captures the end result of every game with Luke – him leaning forward in an attempt to bite the monkey’s head.

Oh, how I wonder what month seven will bring!



One Response to “Monthly Photos”

  1. Meghan June 18, 2011 at 7:52 pm #

    You should make a flip book!

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