Sock Gate

2 Jun

“Everything is okay, but…”

Four words that no one wants to hear when they are an hour and a half away from home.

Four words guaranteed to cause cringing and concern.

Four words that introduced me to the latest saga in the Tali chronicles, a chapter I call “Sock Gate.”

Gigi picked Lucas up at daycare last week, a lovely help that allowed me to stay late at work.  In calling to see how she made out with the complicated pick up procedures (did you know it is easier to bust out of prison than it is to free Luke from daycare?), I got the dreaded four words.  The minutes following those four words unraveled a story wherein Tali jumped to the kitchen table, snarfed up Luke’s socks (not one, but both) and swallowed them whole in three chews.

One vet bill and many vomiting sessions later, the socks remain missing.  Tali is acting fine and Luke’s toes are a little colder than usual.  Stay tuned… we pray the next chapter of the Tali chronicles is not called “intestinal blockage and surgery.”


One Response to “Sock Gate”

  1. Teresa June 3, 2011 at 6:45 am #

    Maybe Tali is like the dryer-socks just seem to vanish somehow.

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