My Part-Time Job

25 May

I have a part-time job.

Many of you don’t know that I have been moonlighting as a closet organizer/clothes sorter since Lucas was born.  The child is blessed in the clothing department which means his Mama is busy in the laundry department.  I had fully expected the increase in laundry.  I had completely underestimated the constant organizing and reorganizing required in his drawers.

It isn’t just a matter of sorting things 0-3 months, 3-6 months and so forth.  Because, every stinkin’ clothes brand sizes things differently.  Now, I know that is a “SMH” moment for everyone out there, (and, if you don’t know what SMH stands for, I encourage you to submit guesses in the comment section) because of course baby clothes vary by brand, don’t adult clothes?  My only retort to that very logical sentiment is that babies don’t try on clothes – so they should be more uniformly designed… at least in my head.

So, at any given time, we’ve got three sizes going in Luke’s drawers – typically one size for onesies, another for sleep and plays and a third for outfits. Oh, you’ve never heard of a sleep and play?  How about a creeper?  These are some of Tim’s favorite categories of Luke’s clothing.  When I ask him to dress Lucas in a sleep and play, he responds with outrage.  He downright refuses to call creepers such.

To him, clothes are clothes.  I used to feel the same way.  Now, I feel like a part-time clothes slave to Luke’s full-time closet and proper names are required for complete organization.

P.S. I fully recognize how blessed we are to have so many clothes – and to have purchased so few of them.  Although I hate the organization and maintenance of the closet and drawers, I love the daily choosing/dressing of the items.  I was also unprepared for this.  Who knew having a living doll was so much fun?


One Response to “My Part-Time Job”

  1. GiGi May 27, 2011 at 7:45 am #

    SMH=”small minute in hell”, “some of my hell” ?

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