20 May

We have no time.

There, I admit it.  We have no time.

No time for gardening.  No time for deep cleaning (yes, Mom, I know our house sometimes looks like it belongs on Hoarders).  No time for ongoing home maintenance/upkeep.

We choose Luke.  We choose work.  We choose one another (this is a rare choice these days, I also admit that). We (okay, more so Tim) choose Tali.

Because of all these choices, we’ve been working regularly with a handyman.  And, now I wonder where he’s been all our lives.  We head out to work and he arrives while we are gone.  He’s gone once we get home and we arrive back to completed projects.  He’s like Santa Claus and I’m so thankful for his magical, project completing powers.

This past week, he arrived (probably on a sled powered by reindeer, for all I know) and sanded and stained our deck.  The previous surely-would-require-a-tetanus-shot-if-you-were-to-walk-barefoot-on-it monstrosity looks awesome.  Here’s Tali and Luke modeling the mid-way progress of the sanding:

So for those of you who barely have time to pee let alone paint your ceiling, let me know.  I’ll give you his name.  It’s well worth it.


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