Mom Fail

10 May

Luke and I have a routine in the mornings.

As part of this routine, Luke gets lots of tummy time (to combat a disorder that shall from heretofore be called flat-headed-itis).  He lays on his tummy while I dry my hair.  He lays there while I get dressed.  He lays there while I pump.  It can be a good 10-20 minutes of quality tummy time.  I surround him with toys, place him on his favorite colorful quilt and go about my business.

After I finished pumping this morning, I went to collect him from the floor.  And found…

Mom fail.

Clearly, Luke had spit up a good bit of his morning bottle and then spent the quality 10-20 minutes of tummy time smooshing his face into the milky goodness.  And, clearly instead of cleaning him up immediately, I went to get the camera.

Yeah, double mom fail.


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