5 Random Facts About Luke

29 Apr

1) His reaction to Tylenol is similar to his mother’s reaction to broccoli or his father’s reaction to cottage cheese.  Shivers up the spine, tongue sticking out, gagging and flailing of the arms.  He’s definitely our baby.

2) We are more than a week into crib sleeping, and it is going swimmingly.  However, we’ve unintentionally created a paci addict.  Five good sucks and he’s out.  Awesome right?  Another habit to break six months from now. Hopefully we don’t accidentally introduce him to crack in a few years.  He loves nothing more than developing bad habits!

3) He has mastered rolling onto his side (only the right) and loves to hang there.  We’ve found him sleeping on his side a few times and he immediately turns that way when we put him down for play time.  Still absolutely no interest in back-to-belly rolling.

4) Tali rocks.  He’s much more funny than Mama or Daddy.  He’s most fun when he licks Luke straight across the face.

5) Luke is an official supported sitter.  He can easily sit in our laps, in his Bumbo or highchair to long periods of time.  He can hold himself in a sitting position for about a minute before toppling to the side.


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