New Clothes

27 Apr

Some of you have observed that Luke has a lot of clothes.

That may be the understatement of the century.  Dude has more clothes than any Real Housewife of New York, New Jersey, LA around.  He proudly sports his cousin Jason’s duds (and Jason’s cousins Andrew and Jacob).  He dons lovely attire gifted from family and friends.  He often is spotted wearing the finest outlet gear from Aunt Megan and Gigi.  Simply put, he’s the best dressed person in our house and quite possibly the finest kitted out kid in our town.

This week, Luke wore a few new items that got rave reviews from his teachers – a hard lot to impress given the number of kids (and items of clothes) coming in and out of their walls each day.

Allow me to showcase some of this week’s finery:Tim calls these leg warmers.  The more cultured among us call them “Baby Legs” – they are leggings tubes of material that fit tightly around Luke’s legs leaving his onesie available for easy diaper changing.  When he starts to crawl, they’ll help protect his knees from rug burns and splinters.  I refuse to believe these are just for girls (no matter what Tim says) because they are too darn cute to not have for Luke.  And, would they come in adorable grey argyle if they were just for girls?

You saw this shirt already… which really requires a better picture, but someone decided to have an elephant sized poo while wearing it – shooting straight up the back and out the sides.  Said onesie, which currently has an orange-ish tint, now resides in the laundry room awaiting multiple additional washes to determine if it is salvageable.  So, as we await verdict on this shirt… did you see this one?

And, for good measure, I give you this (blurry) shot named “Hipster.”


2 Responses to “New Clothes”

  1. Teresa April 27, 2011 at 4:43 pm #

    By “some of you have commented,” do you mean mostly me???

  2. GiGi April 27, 2011 at 7:42 pm #

    The “leggings” are a little “gender” suspect. Have you signed him up for a ballet class yet? The shades shirt is “too cool”, and the hat demands a pick-up in a shiny Cadillac, a heavy gold chain, and a girl on his arm with a feather boa around her neck. Just an opinion…..

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