Discoveries Continue

25 Apr

Amazing discoveries continue around these parts. First, hands!, then feet!! and now a tongue!

(Side note: I spell tongue wrong almost every time I write it.  Pathetic.)

Luke has spent the past seven days wagging his tongue everywhere we go. His teachers have even commented on how much time he spends with his tongue out, and everyone has observed him licking anything that gets close to his new pal.

This Mama was thrilled for the discovery of hands and feet, but, not gonna lie, I’m kinda grossed out by the tongue – or, in particular, the licking.  My shoulder, cheek, chin, fingers, shirt, bra strap and forearm are flattered and all, but they prefer a dry existence.

What, you don’t lick your own toes?


One Response to “Discoveries Continue”

  1. Teresa April 25, 2011 at 10:32 am #

    Hysterical (and kinda gross!)

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