3 Random Food Tips

14 Apr

All my cooking over maternity leave left me with a few thoughts on speeding up time spent preparing/cooking/cleaning – thought I’d pass my realizations along in case anyone else is slow could use the tips.

1) Parchment paper – ummm, where ya’ been all my life.  All cookies in this house shall heretofore be prepared on parchment paper.  No sticking to the cookie sheet.  No need to wash the cookie sheet after said cookies are complete their tenure in the oven.  It’s a beautiful thing.

2) “Cutting in butter” – I tended to avoid recipes that required butter be “cut in.”  I found it a frustrating and lengthy process.  Who wants to stand in the kitchen with two knives and dice butter bits for seemingly ages only to get frustrated and have it not evenly distribute.  Yes, I know I could have bought this, but who needs a one trick wonder of a kitchen accessory.  Instead, I take frozen butter and grate it into my dish.  One quick stir and I’m onto the next step in the recipe.

3) Refrigerated cookie dough – This definitely cuts down on the immediate gratification aspect of cookies, but it totally ups the taste factor.  Add the improved taste to the more manageable time required to bake cookies and I’m in. I typically make my cookie dough 24 hours before I bake the cookies.  The cookies don’t flatten quite as much (which I like) and the flavors are definitely sharper.



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