Can babies have nervous poops?

8 Apr

Since going to school, Luke has been proudly demonstrating his patented rocket poo for his teachers and new friends. Not surprising.  The baby poops with gusto.  It’s just his way.

What is surprising is the frequency of said poo… I fear poor L-man has nervous poops.  At home, we are (finally) seeing one poo per day.  Maybe even one every other day.  I get the reports from school (yes, we receive daily poo report cards) and they say he’s going 3 or 4 times each day.  Little dude requires regular costume changes and is sporting a red tush after all this dramatic pooping.

My poor, alm0st-four month old already has an anxious belly.  I shake with fear at the thought of cleaning this child’s toilet in years to come.


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