Three Months Old – Mama’s Turn

10 Mar

Dear Lucas-

You are three months old.  Already.  It has been the fastest and slowest three months of my life.  Make sense?  Nope, well let this be your first lesson.  Little in life makes sense and things rarely happen as you expect them to.  I hope you have your Daddy’s ability to roll with the punches rather than Mama’s tendency to get punched in the face and then complain about it for the next week (I think Daddy hopes this most of all).

The theme of this month? Cold. Not cold outside (although it was that), colds in the house for Mama first, then you and Daddy (then Mama again… and then Daddy again, and then Gigi jumped on the sick train with her own upgraded version of the flu).  We’ve been sick around these parts for nearly the full month! And, baby boy, it’s just awful when you are sick.  Try not to do that again, okay?  Deal.

You’ve made some big discoveries this month. You found your voice, and you like to use it. You wake up chirping and will lay contented with your chatter for about twenty minutes. You and Daddy have full-on coo conversations nearly every night.  You stare at your toys (particularly the zebra that hangs from your bouncer) and intently converse.  Thankfully, you aren’t bothered by Zebra’s lack of response.

Your old favorite, the ceiling fan, no longer holds any luster for ya.  Who can be bothered with something that lame-o.  Especially when there are things like feet to look at.  They’ve got ten toes and so much allure.  Also, television! You are just fascinated by the changing colors and moving pictures, and can’t understand why Mama and Daddy are always turning you away from the box ‘o fun.

Dramababy has made more than a few appearances this month.  Like I said, you found your voice and can turn that puppy up loud. If you are hungry and Mama isn’t jammin’ a boob in your face, you let us know about your displeasure.  Strangers would think we don’t feed you. We are also visited by Dramababy on quite a few evenings, especially if naps have been scarce (which they were quite a bit this month, thanks so much).  The no fail solution to evening drama is the playground bathtub. It’s a fan favorite, folks.  Kicky, kicky, splashy fun.

Little bundles, you are growing faster than I can believe.  You are wearing 3-6 month clothes now (although Mama still crams you into some 0-3 because you are her little baby) and size 2 diapers. You hold your head up like a champion and love to turn it side-to-side.  You track our voices and movements all throughout the room.  And, I’m so, so flattered to say, you love to stare at your Mama more than anyone else.  The feeling is so mutual, bundles.

You are my hand sucking, feet kicking, big talkin, sweet baby boy.

Love you to the moon and back,

Your Mama

P.S. Can we try and cut out the middle of the night visits?  I love, love, love lookin’ at ya, but I can do it more clearly when I’ve had some solid sleep.  And, baby, Mama is going back to work this month and really isn’t able to function on this crazy sleep schedule!


One Response to “Three Months Old – Mama’s Turn”

  1. Nan March 10, 2011 at 2:56 pm #

    Dear Luke,
    Someday, when you read this blog, I hope you realize what loving parents you have. You are one lucky boy! Nan

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