Three Months Old – from Daddy

9 Mar

Dear Luke,

You are 3 months old now and it has been another exciting month.  We had some down moments that we’d like to forget, like the cold that your mom gave to us, which led to several weeks of coughing fits and enough snot to fill the bathtub.  Then there were the days between poops, which had your mom and me on edge as we waited for the 4 pound Sherwin Williams “Gusto Gold” colored treat to arrive .  And the sleeping schedule is still quite erratic – when do you want a nap anyway?

But there were plenty of awesome events that took place this month.  Most recently, you rolled over three times in one day.  Way to go Luke!   This must have been brought on by all of the head, arm, neck, and torso exercising that  you’ve been doing.  Now I know what you and mom are up to when I’m at work – it isn’t baking, doing laundry, reading books, or singing along to “Victor Vito and Freddy Vasco” songs but rather a boot camp style training regimen.  Your head and neck control has gotten markedly better; and, while you still can’t quite jam your fingers in your mouth without some wayward eye poking or face scratching, you’re dexterity has improved.  You’ve used your strong grip to clasp on to various toys, blankets, clothes, strands of hair, and even your own feet.  The kicking continues, as well, which makes for some interesting attempts at putting pants on you.

You’ve also been much more expressive this month.  The smiles come early and they come quite often throughout the day.  As soon as we head into your room in the morning to get you out of your rock and play, you smile from ear to ear.  When I come home from work or when you wake up from a nap on the weekend, it doesn’t take much to get even more smiles out of you.  You also seem to have found your voice this month.  At seemingly random times, you’ll chirp and coo for 5 to 10-minute stretches.  Sometimes it’s with me.  Sometimes it’s with your mom.  Other times it’s with Tali, the ceiling fan, someone on TV, or your striped zebra toy.  Whenever it happens though, it’s hilarious and it makes us wonder what the heck you are thinking.

One of the more fun rituals that you and I have gotten to do together this month is your bath time.  Every few nights, I’ll lay you on the bathroom floor as I fill up your tub.  And while laying you on a cold and hard floor might seem like punishment, as soon as you hear the running water, your eyes get saucer-like and you begin chirping with delight.  The good times don’t end there though because once you are in the tub, the real fun occurs.  You kick with delight for the duration of the bath.  With each cup of water poured on  your little head, you splash furiously in an effort to empty the tub of all its contents.  It is quite a sight to behold, even if I can hardly see it through my water-covered glasses.

A few other special events/milestones from this month:  your mom and I successfully went out to lunch with you in tow, you had a Thanksgiving in February dinner at Uncle Greg and Aunt Debbie’s house (a special shout-out to Olivia, Jenna, and Jason who kept you entertained throughout the night), we successfully transitioned from 0-3 to 3-6 clothing , and we determined that your frozen milk supply wasn’t a wasted effort (a hearty and sarcasm-dripping ‘thanks’ to for instilling further senseless worries upon my wife!).

I look forward to next month’s milestones.

Love, dad

<Note — I told you people he was a good dad.>


One Response to “Three Months Old – from Daddy”

  1. Meg March 13, 2011 at 8:16 am #

    we already knew he was a good dad. i’m just impressed you got him to write on your blog.

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