From the Kitchen

6 Mar

Four new recipes this week, and all pretty darn delicious.

1) Black Magic Chocolate Mint Cookies – This was Tim’s pick for desserts this week.  Much like Jim-bo, he always gravitates towards cookies.  Two thoughts on this recipe: 1) I doubled (maybe quadrupled) the mint extract – really I just poured mint extract into the bowl with no measuring tool.  It was not anywhere near overly minty.  Do not fear peppermint. 2) I cannot imagine making 12 cookies out of this recipe.  I made more than 30.  I’d much rather eat three small cookies than one giant one.

2) Quick and Buttery Dinner Rolls – Guess what?  These were quick.  And, buttery.

3) Finger Stickin’ Chicken Sauce – Use this sauce as you would BBQ sauce. It’s delicious. Not so much though when you screw up the chicken preparation because your husband refuses to grill in the winter months. Just sayin’.

4) Gaaahlicky Sizzling Shrimp – If you make one recipe from this week, make this one.  Like tonight.  Or even right now. What? It’s 10am in the morning? Who cares. Make this one. Now. Go. Do it.


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