The baby needs to sleep, and other brilliant observations.

5 Mar

I had a realization this week.  And, admitting it on here will only go to prove how very boneheaded I can be sometimes. Here goes…

I need to put Luke to sleep.

Brilliant, right?  Like totally genius quality stuff.  You’ve never read anything quite so smart before.

Let me first say that I owe Meghan for this realization. After complaining about Luke’s lack of naps last week and my subsequent hair pulling, Meghan wrote that things got better for her when her son went down for his nap earlier.  I always knew she was smart, folks.

Now, keep in mind, I’ve read in all the books that the baby should go down for his first nap 1.5-2 hours after getting up.  But, Luke’s been a great sleeper his whole life.  He just falls asleep – either in my arms, his bouncer, his swing, even laying under his activity mat.  Fast forward 10 weeks and you’d find a strung out Mama and a cranky baby, neither sleeping very much. Why? Because Mama isn’t putting the baby to sleep.  She’s waiting for him to just fall asleep on his own in whatever random location he happens to be chilling when said need for sleep strikes him.

So this totally brilliant Mama now bounces (Not rocks, let’s be clear. Luke thinks rocking is the equivalent to being placed in bed of needles and told to sleep.). We bounce a lot.  Usually sitting on the edge of a bed. And, Luke looks at me with an expression that very clearly says, “You finally get it, stupid. I need a little help here.” And, within mere minutes, he’s fast asleep.

So, Meghan, THANKS.  I hope I can return the favor, but I somehow doubt you need my guidance to realize such silly things.  Expect weekly emails from me from now on with critical realizations like…

Meghan, big news, the sky is blue.

Meghan, guess what? It’s almost Spring.

You’d never have figured this out on your own Meghan, so let me share: grass is green.

You can always count on friends.


2 Responses to “The baby needs to sleep, and other brilliant observations.”

  1. Meghan March 5, 2011 at 7:09 pm #

    Ha! I think I must pass on the thanks to Kristin who helped me when I was exhausted with a two month old, wondering why he could never nap easily. The good news is that now he naps like a champion, as will Luke!

    • JRaePhelan March 5, 2011 at 8:22 pm #

      Kristin is our “Godfather” figure. All hail.

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