Squidgy Butt

25 Feb

There is a phenomenon in this house.  We call it the “squidgy butt.”  And, it is a daily highlight for Tim and I.

We get the “squidge” when Luke wakes up from a nice long nap.  When we pick him up, he cross his legs at the ankles and pulls his knees up.  This creates a perfectly snuggly and delicious butt shelf – ideal for resting right on your forearm as his straight arms (see below picture) wrap around your neck.  The best squidgy butt experience also includes him snuggling his head right into your neck – you have the butt shelf, neck hug and hot little breath on your chin… heaven.

Not sure how long the squidge will continue, so we captured it for posterity.

Here is step one of the squidge – picking him up out of the car seat – you can see the folded legs, straight arms and stuck out butt.

And, the final product – full on butt shelf and cuddle hug.

Love it.


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