Ben: In Motion

1 Oct

I know, I know… blog posting has been spotty at best.  I’m trying to get back to a better schedule, but things keep happening to derail me.

Like this guy…


It’s a horrible picture – all blurry and out of focus – but it’s 100% Benjamin. He’s in constant motion – always running this way and then that; diving into you with a huge open mouthed smile; burying his face into your leg while buzzing by and saying “muuaahhh” as he zooms onto something else.

That guy has been quite the derailment lately.  He had a mystery illness this weekend where he sprouted spots – red, raised, irregular spots.  The doctors were stumped as his spots didn’t look much like any classical presentation of a virus.  I can already tell he will be a one percenter, this kid.  If something applies to 99% of the population, Benjamin will be the one percenter where the rules, standards, predictions just don’t apply.


And, I’m totally okay with that.  Because he’s delightful — both delightfully bad and delightfully good, but undoubtedly never still.

The Gang

26 Sep

Oh how the size and shape of our gang has changed over the years…

For a while it was frozen pizza and brownies on girl’s nights, then a wild spree of bridal showers, bachelorette parties and weddings.  Now, it’s often wine and dinner for the girls, or big unruly gangs of friends – friends in their thirties and friends in their threes.


And instead of fancy restaurants or bodies smashed around kitchen tables or draped onto couches, it’s playgrounds and parks, ice cream parlours or pizza shops where we gather.


The kids can be wild, run and play.  The parents can steal brief conversations amidst the chaos of pushing littles on swings, chasing tiny bodies up playground climbers and consoling booboos.

BenEmmaAnd even though it’s awfully different, it’s still pretty awesome.

I remember this stage…

25 Sep

… the one where everything is a phone.

BenOnPhoneI don’t even feel like he sees us on the phone much.  And when he does, it looks a bit more like the above picture than the traditional phone-up-to-the-ear model.  But, none the less, any vaguely rectangular object is currently being jabbed against the side of his face.  He’s usually very proud of his antics and loves to receive loud “Hello, who’s there?!” responses.


Bring Your Son to Work Day

23 Sep

Today, I’m the winner at “Bring Your Son To Work Day” — because, only at my job, does things like this happen:


Lucas got to play hooky for a few hours this morning, and join me for a morning broadcast of FOX29’s Good Day Philadelphia.  He was interviewed on live TV, played with his monster besties and learned how to make a “healthy” snack for Halloween.


This little face…

18 Sep


…is heading in tomorrow morning for surgery.  It’s just ear tubes — that’s what I keep saying.  But send a few prayers his way regardless.  May this be the end of his ear infections.

Daily Luke

17 Sep


Here’s Lucas rocking one of his favorite shirts.  He describes it as “a cool shirt to show my muscles.”

Live from Atlanta…

15 Sep

… where I’m currently clocking in my second business trip in as many weeks, and Tim is stuck home with a sick kiddo (Benny).  Thanks to Gigi for the on-site soccer support, and Tim for being super Dad while I’m away.

This cuteness just in from Tim… when mom’s away, it’s all PJs all the time apparently.


Vacation Wrap Up

12 Sep

Steel yourself for an onslaught of vacation photos.

What a fabulous week at the shore. What a blessing to have amazing family there to spend it with us.  What a treat to enjoy a gorgeous house mere steps from the sand and a hop, skip and a jump from the boardwalk.

We were so lucky that both boys loved the water and the sand.  In fact, I could have done with a little less sand worship as the daily exfoliation I received from both boys was more vigorous than a scrub at the Hershey Spa. From mini golf to ice cream cones, sand castles to jumping waves, finding messages in a bottle to morning yoga classes … it was an amazing, exhausting week and I’m ready to do it again next year.


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11 Sep

Even before we left for vacation, Lucas would tell anyone who would listen that his Pop Pop would be building him sandcastles on the beach.  He usually followed this up with the statement that Mommy would be building sandcastles for Benjamin — and there was strong implication that Mommy’s sandcastles would be sub par.

He was half right — Pop Pop built sandcastles – gorgeous, big and far from sub par sandcastles every single day.  Mommy built none so he was forced to share his sand kingdom with Benjamin.  They were both enthralled with the sand cities and their many features — in ground swimming pools, diving boards, sand castle inhabitants, tunnels, roads and so much more.

Here are some of our favorites.

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9 Sep


Lucas:  I want to go a restaurant today for lunch.
Mommy: Okay what do you want there?
Lucas:   Water.

(Please note: when we got to the restaurant, water is exactly what he ordered. No more, no less.)

_ _ _ _ _

Lucas: Mommy, I have something to tell you. My big toe is tired.
Mommy: Oh, why?
Lucas: It played a lot today with it’s toe friends.
Mommy: What did they play?
Lucas: Golf and Frisbee.

P.S. Vacation recap coming soon… I promise.


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