Daddy’s Birthday

16 Oct

We celebrated Daddy’s birthday last week.

DaddysBirthdayThe ice cream cake was eagerly anticipated by some, and clearly a little frightening to others.

DaddysBirthday1Perhaps it is the ring of fire that we place around the cake prior to eating?

DaddysBirthday2Regardless, the older crowd was ready and willing to participate in the singing, smiling and blowing out of the candles.


Lucas also participated in year 2 of our “dollar store birthday present” tradition.  He took his money this year and bought Tim a black top hat, a light up wand and a spiderman painting book.  The black top hat and light up wand were declared a magician’s costume, and he was sure the spiderman painting book would be a hit because “Daddy isn’t scared of those guys.”


Ben of the Day

14 Oct

MrTroubleThis face… this blank stare… is the look he gives me when I catch him doing something wrong and start to correct him.  He’s apparently clueless about the havoc he is causing.  The blank stare remains for a few seconds, but quickly dissolves into a Benjamin meltdown, holding breath followed by hysterical tears, the inability to sit or stand and need to fall over in a heap.  And while I’ll pass on the meltdown, the “who me?” blank stare is pretty cute.

Pumpkin Patch

13 Oct

We spent the morning at our local pumpkin patch last weekend.

And, for as much fun as we had, we managed to get very few “good” pictures, but I’ll share our collection of outtakes none the less….

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First Day…

10 Oct

I’m a month late in sharing this picture, but wanted to post it none the less.

We did our standard “first day of preschool picture” this year.  And, after some fighting over the attire, it came out nice!


Of course, Benjamin wanted into the shot, but refused to stay still enough for a good photo.  Lucas did his best cranium wrangling to keep him in place.



8 Oct

Mommy: “Lucas, what do you want to be when you grow up?”
Lucas: “A Daddy!”
“Oh wait, actually a firefighter.  That’s way cooler.”

_ _ _ _

Lucas: “Mommy, God made everything.”
Mommy: “Okay… where did that thought come from?”
Lucas: “Who is he exactly?  Who is God?”
Mommy: <cobbles together really lame explanation>
Lucas: “Did God make cars?”
Mommy: “Well, God made people and gave us brains.  People used their brains to figure out how to make cars.”
Lucas: “Did you make our car?”

_ _ _ _


Ben of the Day

7 Oct

Crying BenIt was one of those kind of nights where sometimes you just have to lay on the floor and cry.

Daily Luke

7 Oct

His first time enjoying a baking right of passage.

FallBakingHe licked the bowl (no eggs in there, mind you) with gusto.

Elmo’s World

3 Oct

After we discovered Ben’s strange spots this weekend, Lucas was still insistent that we head to his favorite place on earth, Elmo’s World. And, not only did we need to go there, only Mommy could take him.

It was one of those moments where I wanted to say no; to say, “let’s just stay home and chill out.”  I felt like I should be with Benjamin if he wasn’t feeling well, and honestly just wasn’t up for the schlep over to the theme park and it’s accompanying crowds and sweat.  But, Lucas wanted me there, and (probably sooner than I’d like to admit/imagine) we will soon reach a day where he doesn’t want to spend the afternoon with me. So off we went…


And, it was a great time.  He loved all the one-on-one attention, and I loved seeing how happy he was to ride all the rides, trick or treat around the park and take in the shows.

SesameYearComparisonTurning no’s into yes’s, because time flies.

Ben: In Motion

1 Oct

I know, I know… blog posting has been spotty at best.  I’m trying to get back to a better schedule, but things keep happening to derail me.

Like this guy…


It’s a horrible picture – all blurry and out of focus – but it’s 100% Benjamin. He’s in constant motion – always running this way and then that; diving into you with a huge open mouthed smile; burying his face into your leg while buzzing by and saying “muuaahhh” as he zooms onto something else.

That guy has been quite the derailment lately.  He had a mystery illness this weekend where he sprouted spots – red, raised, irregular spots.  The doctors were stumped as his spots didn’t look much like any classical presentation of a virus.  I can already tell he will be a one percenter, this kid.  If something applies to 99% of the population, Benjamin will be the one percenter where the rules, standards, predictions just don’t apply.


And, I’m totally okay with that.  Because he’s delightful — both delightfully bad and delightfully good, but undoubtedly never still.

The Gang

26 Sep

Oh how the size and shape of our gang has changed over the years…

For a while it was frozen pizza and brownies on girl’s nights, then a wild spree of bridal showers, bachelorette parties and weddings.  Now, it’s often wine and dinner for the girls, or big unruly gangs of friends – friends in their thirties and friends in their threes.


And instead of fancy restaurants or bodies smashed around kitchen tables or draped onto couches, it’s playgrounds and parks, ice cream parlours or pizza shops where we gather.


The kids can be wild, run and play.  The parents can steal brief conversations amidst the chaos of pushing littles on swings, chasing tiny bodies up playground climbers and consoling booboos.

BenEmmaAnd even though it’s awfully different, it’s still pretty awesome.


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