This little face…

18 Sep


…is heading in tomorrow morning for surgery.  It’s just ear tubes — that’s what I keep saying.  But send a few prayers his way regardless.  May this be the end of his ear infections.

Daily Luke

17 Sep


Here’s Lucas rocking one of his favorite shirts.  He describes it as “a cool shirt to show my muscles.”

Live from Atlanta…

15 Sep

… where I’m currently clocking in my second business trip in as many weeks, and Tim is stuck home with a sick kiddo (Benny).  Thanks to Gigi for the on-site soccer support, and Tim for being super Dad while I’m away.

This cuteness just in from Tim… when mom’s away, it’s all PJs all the time apparently.


Vacation Wrap Up

12 Sep

Steel yourself for an onslaught of vacation photos.

What a fabulous week at the shore. What a blessing to have amazing family there to spend it with us.  What a treat to enjoy a gorgeous house mere steps from the sand and a hop, skip and a jump from the boardwalk.

We were so lucky that both boys loved the water and the sand.  In fact, I could have done with a little less sand worship as the daily exfoliation I received from both boys was more vigorous than a scrub at the Hershey Spa. From mini golf to ice cream cones, sand castles to jumping waves, finding messages in a bottle to morning yoga classes … it was an amazing, exhausting week and I’m ready to do it again next year.


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11 Sep

Even before we left for vacation, Lucas would tell anyone who would listen that his Pop Pop would be building him sandcastles on the beach.  He usually followed this up with the statement that Mommy would be building sandcastles for Benjamin — and there was strong implication that Mommy’s sandcastles would be sub par.

He was half right — Pop Pop built sandcastles – gorgeous, big and far from sub par sandcastles every single day.  Mommy built none so he was forced to share his sand kingdom with Benjamin.  They were both enthralled with the sand cities and their many features — in ground swimming pools, diving boards, sand castle inhabitants, tunnels, roads and so much more.

Here are some of our favorites.

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9 Sep


Lucas:  I want to go a restaurant today for lunch.
Mommy: Okay what do you want there?
Lucas:   Water.

(Please note: when we got to the restaurant, water is exactly what he ordered. No more, no less.)

_ _ _ _ _

Lucas: Mommy, I have something to tell you. My big toe is tired.
Mommy: Oh, why?
Lucas: It played a lot today with it’s toe friends.
Mommy: What did they play?
Lucas: Golf and Frisbee.

P.S. Vacation recap coming soon… I promise.

The Boys

27 Aug

BoysAtPlaygroundI’m not sure what it is about this picture that I love so much.  It’s such a tremendous reflection of where we are in our family life.  It’s a snapshot of an afternoon spent at a playground — time treasured with the kids.

Lucas looks like he just ran in from outside the camera frame — he likely did — and he’s moments from zipping away again.  He plays with confidence now; it’s a big boy sense of security that he can climb, run, play with nearly every component of the playground.

Ben’s perched at the top of the slide and appears to be ready to scoot forward and head down. He’s recently developed a fondness for going down the slides and smiles so wide at the bottom.  He’s wearing his favorite hat.  He points for it on our way out the door, and get’s excited to see us pull it off the hook.  I think he associates it with playtime and being outside.

Tim’s got a hand on each boy and just looks so happy.  They are his boys and they adore their Daddy.  Of course they do, he’s great to at playing with them and makes their lives more fun.

Three blessings in one small frame. It’s a lucky life I live.

Boys in a Cart

26 Aug


Blogging has been light lately, and I don’t see it getting much better this week.  This Mama needs a vacation, and it’s coming soon.  I only have to climb Mount Everest to get there.  And yes, those boys in that cart need haircuts.  We made it happen on Sunday.  I’ll post picture evidence tomorrow.

Three Things I Love…

21 Aug

1) Benjamin has developed a rather vigorous wave.  It includes a flat, rigid, open hand that shakes violently up and down.  If Tim takes him for a walk around the block, he waves and waves across the street up the driveway as Lucas and I play.

2) Lucas is the king of the instant replay.  He’ll throw a ball, and then quickly announce “did you see that?? This is what happened.  My hand was here and I moved it over here. The ball went like this and then I did that.” The replay happens in delightful slow motion and regularly happens after physical feat or personal injury.

3) Benjamin has a burgeoning future as a professional athlete –  specifically a pitcher. He loves to throw things.  Balls are his favorite toy and his aim, strength and precision is impressive.  The throwing extends far past balls though – it’s food, toys, pieces of tupperware that he’s retrieved from the kitchen cabinets and so much more.  While I admire his dedication to the craft, I would prefer if he could aim elsewhere with his dinner.  Most of my work clothes now feature splatter from his swiftly tossed food bombs.

The Fair

19 Aug

IMG_4702We made our annual pilgrimage to the Fair this past weekend.  It’s a “can’t miss” occasion for our family and this year’s festivities did not disappoint.  From the alpacas to the pigs, the cows to the oxen, the boys were fascinated and Tim and I were able to enjoy some wholesome family fun.






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