10 Dec

(birthday letter coming soon!!  I’m still in denial that my baby is four.  In the meantime…)

Last night, Tim and Lucas were cleaning up toys – mostly the new items from his birthday – and out of no where, he says…BirthdayPartyBoy

“Daddy, I’m not going to call you stupid. Okay?  I’m just going to call you Daddy.”

_ _ _ _ _

Right before his birthday party, we were talking about the menu of things being served.  I told Lucas that we would have soft pretzels and cake as the party was mid-afternoon.

He says…

“Are you saying we don’t have to eat any vegetables before we have cake and pretzels?  Yipeeee!”

_ _ _ _ _

We were looking at pictures of Paw Patrol birthday cakes on Pinterest the week before his birthday.  He loved seeing all the different variations – most of which were incredibly well done, others not so much.  There was one cake in particular that was a bit of a hot mess.  The pups and their leader (Ryder) were molded out of fondant icing and the resemblance wasn’t ideal.  Lucas pipes up with…

“Mommy, look at that cake.  What’s wrong with Ryder?  Why is he screaming? Did someone hurt him.”

Thankfully we didn’t have any injured Ryders on his birthday cake.

_ _ _ _ _ _

Overheard from Benjamin, on the other hand:





Ben of the Day

8 Dec


Remember that time a skunk, donkey and two wise man rode on the back of a car carrier?  It’s like the start of a bad joke…

Benjamin: At 16 months

4 Dec

Oh our Benjamin… did you know that someone just published a list of kids names ranked in order of most likely to land in the timeout chair?  Guess which name is on there?  Yup, Benjamin (and Luke, because, of course it is, but that isn’t the point of this post). At 16-months, Benjamin is capably proving himself up to the time out task.

He is our calculating plotter, the boy who notices every opportunity to exploit.  He’s opened cabinets and drawers that Lucas has yet to discover.  He prides himself on scampering expeditiously up the stairs when we have our backs turned, or running full force towards the basement stairs door (which he flings open while shrieking with glee) whenever I have my hands full in the kitchen.


We say “this kid…” approximately 173 times per day. His father calls him a jackal; I may mutter “terrorist” under my breath while dashing across the floor to catch the casserole dish that he’s about to bounce off my wood floors.

But, he’s also an utter delight.  Our good eater, happy to pack away pounds of macaroni and cheese, sweet potatoes, green beans and endless servings of fruit at each meal.  He scarfs his morning banana down like it’s a hot dog and he’s in Coney Island.

He shouts “wheeeeeee!!!” when he drives his cars across the floor or plummets on of his Little People down a ramp, and sometimes he wakes me up at 4am by standing in his crib and shouting “hiiiiiii.”  He is thrilled to see his Daddy when he comes home from work and loves to be held at night when we are reunited after work and school.

This little man lives for Mickey Mouse, and more specifically, for the Hot Dog Dance on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  He can rock out with the best of them and it makes everyone laugh — so much that they play the song at school to purposefully get him to start dancing for other teachers and parents’ entertainment. We listen to it multiple times each night and it always begets an amazing jazz-hand filled routine. (see below!)

So for every life-threatening, sideshow act of his behavior, I will rewatch that little dance and remind myself how incredibly blessed we are to have him!  Because at 16-months old, this little dude is pretty fantastic.

Daily Luke

3 Dec

NinjaTurtlePlaydoughTry to contain your jealousy of my incredible play dough skills.  Lucas asked for Ninja Turtles and I rallied my best sculpting skills to create Leonardo, Rafael, Michelangelo and the other one (you didn’t think I actually knew their names, did you?).

Ben of the Day

25 Nov


This kid…. apparently arms of the chair are for sitting (and sometimes standing).

Not a crafter…

24 Nov

I’m unabashedly not a crafter. Our craft supplies are limited and unorganized.  They are also kept squirreled away in a closet because I live in fear of crayon all over my walls or paint smeared on my furniture — the kind of things that I’m sure would happen if these boys were given unfettered access to art materials.

None the less, I donned my crafty cap yesterday and we make turkey hats.  And you know what, it was pretty fun. The boys loved it and my hands didn’t melt off my body in a puddle of elmer’s glue or  marker scribble.


Now, I doubt I’ll become a committed crafter from this single experience, but perhaps the blacklist on construction paper and crayola products could be lessened a bit.

Communing with Nature

19 Nov

We all needed some fresh air this weekend — even though the temperatures were rather unforgiving.


We decided to take the boys on their first nature hike.  Stopping first at a bird blind to watch them fly, eat and splash in a little pond.  Lucas really liked watching them and learning their names according to the directory on the wall.  Ben, on the other hand, really liked trying to crawl through the viewing area directly into the birds’ home.


We marched over bridges and past benches, around ponds and down paths.  The boys sported rosy cheeks and cold hands, while we ooohed and aaaahed at the nature around us.



Pumpkin Carving

17 Nov

(yes, yes, super late….)

PumpkinCarvingYou’d think by this picture that everyone was super interested in pumpkin carving this year.  We were only home from Disney for a few hours when we dug into our pumpkin.  And by “we,” I clearly mean “me.” Lucas cried after sticking his arm into the pumpkin because it was “yucky.” And Benjamin cried when we wouldn’t let him throw the pumpkin guts all over the floor.  Lucky Mommy got to spend an hour carving a giant pumpkin alone after spending a full day traveling.  Totally how I pictured it going…


Mermaid and Pirate Ball

12 Nov

Lucas and I went with great friends last week to the Mermaid and Pirate Ball at our local Aquarium.

MermaidPirateBallHe donned his pirate finery, and held hands with his mermaid bestie all throughout the Aquarium.  It was a late night — up till after 10pm, the latest he’s ever been awake.

MermaidPirateBall1But what a treat to be able to spend this one-on-one adventure time with my little guy.

Disney Pictures

11 Nov

I’ve got more tips…. I know, how is that even possible?  But I have no time with which to write them!  So in the meantime, here are some of our pictures from Disney.

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